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At Fundamental Health Solutions, our vision for a healthier community begins with patient education. Since 1997, our mission has been to improve the health of our Naples community – one family, one patient and one day at a time.

Our holistic health practitioners are experts in their fields. Our recognized Naples chiropractor and his team members are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health. We are able to employ only natural techniques and avoid medications and surgery by evaluating functional disturbance, screening functional movements, examining nutrition and utilizing applied kinesiology. Using this comprehensive approach, our chiropractor can determine root causes by examining patients’symptoms, as well as their lifestyle habits.

By drawing upon the best of conventional and alternative practices, we are able to offer our clients unique solutions that are customized for their specific health care needs and goals. Our Naples chiropractor practice is the proud recipient of the “TLC Center of Excellence,”designation by the Metagenics Corporation, a global life sciences company focused on reversing chronic illness and improving health.


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“I have been going to Dr Stepen Stohler for more than twelve years.  He was always there to help in chiropractic and several other health issues.  The staff has been excellent.  I go to the office every 4-6 weeks to prevent any problems.  They are the best in Naples.  ”

Alice Harper March 24, 2014

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    What is Chiropractic?

    Today’s chiropractic is a fusion of modern and ancient healing traditions, and serves a unique purpose in the healthcare system. Relative to Western medicine, it draws from biochemistry, spinal anatomy neurophysiology, neuro-anatomy, orthopedics and psycho-neuro-immunology. In addition to Western medicine practices, it includes life energies, self-healing holistic health care, and mind/body connections.

    Based on the theory that health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system, chiropractic is a science of applied neurophysiologic diagnosis. Irritation of the nervous system by mental, emotional, chemical or mechanical factors is the cause of disease. Health restoration and maintenance requires eliminating identified irritants and ensuring normal function of the nervous system.

    While all of our chiropractic care draws upon science, art and philosophy, we create individualized treatment plans. Building upon time-honored practices, our fundamental health solutions brings patients into a realm of homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of physiologic equilibriumthat the living body experiences as a result of variations in the environment. Our dedicated, forward-thinking chiropractors integratediet, exercise, lifestyle management, and the relationships between spinal musculoskeletal structures and the nervous system.

    Meet Our Team

    At Fundamental Health Solutions, we take a committed, team approach to health and healing. Our health practitioners draw from the best practices in conventional and alternative therapy to provide patients with premier holistic health solutions. We take great pride in educating families and our community, one person at a time.