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Building a Strong, Balanced Foundation

I hope you had a tremendous Easter weekend. If there’s one truth I hold sacred, it’s that I could not have gotten to where I am today (or where I plan to go) without having the power of God available to me through my relationship with Jesus. I take that very seriously.

I’m really excited about this week’s exercise. So many of my patients struggle with issues directly related to balance: some are having difficulty standing up straight, or walking smoothly, or they’re having unusual pain from normal, everyday movements. One of the first places I look is at the muscle groups we’re going to work on this week.

Our bodies are precisely engineered machines, and extra tension in one area pulls other areas out of balance. One very common problem I see is when the quadriceps muscles on the front of our thighs are so tight that they strain the hamstrings, glutes, and other muscle groups on the lower back and backside.

Take a look at this simple exercise. I guarantee it: this stretch is delicious. You’re really going to feel the muscle groups working on this one.


You’ll want to make sure you stabilize yourself against the wall the first few times you do this exercise. To build balance, we need to work muscle groups that aren’t up to speed yet. As you do this exercise over and over again, you will feel your strength increasing in those areas until you don’t need to brace against the wall. There are few things as encouraging as when you see results like that. It’s proof positive that your efforts are paying off.

Like all the other exercises we’ve done, I really encourage you to do these for about 5 minutes every hour throughout the day. You will be amazed at how the tension, pain, and stiffness in your lower back melt away. You may even begin to feel some extra freedom in your upper back and tummy as you do this, especially if you’re doing it in conjunction with the other exercises we’ve shown here on previous “Move Right Mondays.”

Are you getting good results from these exercises? We’ve done seven videos over the last few months, and I would love to hear your story if you’ve been doing them regularly and feeling a difference in your body. Helping you get good results in your health and wellness is why I go to work every day. Plus, sharing your results encourages others to get involved. We could start a fitness revolution right here on Facebook, with everybody cheering each other on to good health.

We’ll see you back here on “Wellness Wednesday.”

“At the end of your feelings is NOTHING. At the end of your principles is a PROMISE.”  — Eric Thomas

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