The Connection Between Long Life and Movement

For the past few weeks, we have been talking about living your best year ever, through our four-part philosophy of “Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right, Live Right.” If you’ve read these articles, though, you probably noticed that I’m not just talking about one good year; I’m setting you up for success for the rest of your life. And if we’re doing it right, a longer life than we would have had otherwise.

Taking Back Control of the Aging Process

Every day that passes, your body gets a day older, right? Maybe. This week, I want to help you look at aging from a different perspective – going to go all the way down to the cellular level.

How To Have Your Best Year Ever

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Your best year? Ever? A whole year that’s good? How does that happen? If you want to get down to the root, the question is really, how can anyone make that happen? Even more specifically, how can I make that happen for me? It seems impossible, but I’m […]

Live Right: Taking Back Control of Your Whole Life

Ultimately, “living right” comes down to taking an active role in managing your whole wellness, which has been the theme of my last few articles. If I have one core purpose as a healthcare professional, it’s to give you the keys to your own wellness and the knowledge to maintain it yourself for a lifetime.

How To Get The Best Results From A Chiropractic Adjustment

I’m not a typical doctor. Most of my patients and friends know that’s true. At first glance, you might think it’s because I’m licensed as a chiropractor and a wellness coach, and that’s true. But there’s a deeper truth that makes my practice very different from other doctors – even from other chiropractors. We’ve been […]

Eat Your Way To Lasting Wellness

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we talked about the one thing that separates success from failure in personal development. Do you remember what it was? If you want to change a habit, lose weight, or remodel your life in any way, there is an unending flood of information available on the internet, but nothing will […]

The Wellness Benefits of Reading

If you want to have a wide perspective, creativity, and the ability to communicate to as many people as possible, you have to be someone who reads.

Dr Steve’s Top Back To School Wellness Tips

As we head into a new school year, wellness is a big concern for parents. There are few things in the universe as efficient as a flu bug drifting through a classroom. So this week, I want to share my top wellness tips for keeping your kids healthy at school, and I will set it […]

Shock Your System Into Maximized Longevity With Cold Water Immersion

As hot as it has been this summer, the thought of jumping into an ice cold pool of water sounds refreshing…until you actually do it. Then it’s more of a shock. When we talk about “Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right, Live Right,” cold water immersion fits somewhere between the “Move Right” and “Live Right,” […]

Hurricane Prep: Are You “Wellness-Ready” For A Storm?

Hurricane season is one of those things we talk about here in Southwest Florida. I’ll be the first to admit that, having lived here my whole life and having seen long periods without a major storm, it’s easy for me to get glib about it. But no matter how fortunate we have been here in […]

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