Detox Part 4: Purifying the Airwaves In Your Home – EMF Management

I don’t know about you, but I’m in full spring cleaning mode today.

(And no, my springs weren’t all that dirty).

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been identifying pollution in our living spaces. Wellness goes way beyond diet and exercise. Your environment has a lot to do with your health: if your living and working environments are toxic, it will offset the benefits of healthy living. Just ask anyone who developed cancer after years of working with industrial cleaning chemicals.

Wellness Is In The Air

I want to help you maximize your wellness, and that includes living and working in healthy places. As Americans spend more and more time in enclosed spaces with recirculating air, this becomes a bigger issue. It’s amazing to me how many people refuse to open their windows and let fresh air in. “Too humid.” Fine…take your body outside and fill your lungs with fresh air once in awhile.

Of course, if you’re reading in the San Francisco Bay area or in Los Angeles, I’m sorry that your outside air isn’t significantly better than your inside air. I wish I could help you. For my readers here in sunny Southwest Florida, though, you have no excuse.

Cleaning House

A few weeks ago, we identified some of the poisonous household cleaners and chemicals lurking around our homes. Frankly, I think most of my readers were already on board with what we talked about. Awareness of ammonia and other harsh chemicals has been growing for about the last twenty years. It used to be considered weird to use organic cleaners, but now there’s a whole aisle of them in many good grocery stores. Still, there are people who don’t know (and that’s why your willingness to share these articles is so important).

Next, we went on to identify some healthier alternatives. Last week, I shared some common houseplants that are effective in removing toxic vapors from enclosed spaces. (I haven’t gotten word from the local greenhouses that their sales of houseplants have spiked as a result, but I can be patient.)

So, as we are cleaning out the air in our homes and workspaces, there’s one more level of spring cleaning I want to walk you through, and I don’t expect you to be happy about it. I’m not happy about it. I don’t always want to believe it, just like I don’t always want to believe that Coca-Cola is horrible for your health. But the facts don’t care what I think.

Is Texting The New Smoking?

I’m old enough to remember a time when people were allowed to smoke at work, in restaurants…even in airplanes! We see it now in the movies, and it’s shocking, but back then, it was part of life. Awareness of the toxic nature of cigarette smoke grew through the 1990s and laws changed to reflect that new understanding. At the time, it was a major culture shift that shocked a lot of people. They had no idea smoking was bad for you.

I think we’re going to see another shift like that over the next ten years – equally transformative and equally surprising.

The Dangers of EMF Radiation In Your Home

I’m talking this week about detoxifying your environment from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation.

Now, I have no illusions about the fact that EMFs are a part of our lives going forward. Every TV gives off radiation. Every computer, every smartphone, every Bluetooth device, speakers, your microwave…even the wireless electric meter on the outside of your house is now radioactive on some level. As more and more appliances communicate wirelessly with your devices, you will experience more of this.

There is a fierce debate at all levels of government and society (as there is about any topic) about how much radiation is too much. Frankly, I think wireless companies, manufacturers, utilities, and even the government have something to gain by not being 100% honest about the risks.

What’s There To Hide?

Think about it. Can you imagine the storm of lawsuits that would come down if someone like Apple acknowledged that its phones and laptops operated above a safe level of radiation? It wouldn’t just shut down Apple, it would end the American economy as we know it. It would halt the production and sales of electronics, software, you name it. Can you imagine the new levels of government regulations that would suddenly go into effect and have to be enforced?

Think about the tobacco lawsuits of the 1990s. Now multiply that by a billion and consider how it ripples to every aspect of our lives. Smartphones are becoming (read: have become) the centerpiece of people’s lives. Imagine if even one manufacturer acknowledged that their devices were less than safe. No, like many industries that are built on technologies that have never been proven safe for human exposure (tobacco, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, etc.), they have a vested interest in playing down the risks.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who used to work at the Apple Store at the Waterside Shops. As you know, everything in the Apple store is wireless, including all their display models and the devices they use to process orders, so their wifi networks are gargantuan. He said he would check on his way out of the store to see if he glowed in the dark after each shift.

It boggles the mind.

Wifi Is Not Avoidable

Now, wifi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, for the reasons I’ve already identified. It’s not the future anymore; it’s the present. And even if you were to throw away your cellphones, cancel your wifi and replace all your appliances with 1970’s-era Maytags, you are still being exposed to EMFs. Just have your phone do a search for available wifi signals. Unless you live out near Immokalee, you probably have five or ten different wifi signals radiating through your house at any given moment. At work, it’s probably twice that many.

So what do we do?

Ways to Minimize Your EMF Exposure At Home

Here are a couple of simple things you can do to minimize your EMF exposure at home:

Get Rid of Your Microwave

Give away, throw away, or sell your microwave ovens. This is one of those conveniences that never should have been allowed into the market. I really don’t care what the government says about it, even if exactly zero isotopes of radiation leak out through the microwave’s shell, it affects the food. Specifically, the microwaving processes speed up the movement of the water molecules to heat them up. It changes the molecular structure of the food, destroying antioxidants, breaking down nutrients like Vitamin B12 into inactive substances, and releasing potentially toxic compounds from the food packaging. NEVER drink microwaved water.

I’m sorry if you love microwave popcorn and can’t live without it. Get an air popper and develop a new addiction.

Have Your Wiring Checked

Have your home inspected by a licensed electrician, to ensure that your wiring is safe and up to code. Make sure your bed (and your children’s beds) are not against walls where the circuit breaker or large appliances are on the other side.

Isolate Your Utility Meter

In an effort to convert all homes to wireless utility meters, FP&L has made it nearly impossible to keep your non-wireless meter box on your house. Identify where your utility meter is and limit your family’s exposure to that part of your house.

Power Down

Power down cell phones and unplug your wifi at night, especially if you have children in the house. Pretend it’s 1995.
Consider hardwiring your desktop computers. I realize some laptops don’t have Ethernet ports anymore, but there are adapters for it.

Wire Up

Put your wireless printer back on the old USB cable.

Look Into EMF Mitigating Equipment

There is a growing industry of EMF-mitigating equipment for your home. For instance, SafeSpace and DefenderShield make a series of products like laptop pads and cellphone cases that neutralize and mitigate EMF radiation.

Keep Devices Out Of Your Bedroom

If you must keep your cell phone on at night, keep it in the kitchen, NOT your bedroom. Use airplane mode as much as possible. As a part of my teaching on sleep health, I encourage you to shut down all electronic devices at least two hours before you go to bed, to give your eyes and brain a chance to wind down from all the blue-light overstimulation you’ve received all day. It might improve your marriage, too. Just saying.

Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Head

When you talk on a smartphone, use the speakers or wired earbuds. Bluetooth is a different technology from traditional wifi, and I don’t have as much data on the effects of Bluetooth radiation as I do on regular wifi, so I can’t speak with assurance about wireless earbuds, but I err on the side of caution. Don’t put the phone to your head. If you’ve never seen the MRIs of human brains exposed to cell phones, it’s terrifying. You can actually see regions of your brain heating up. Fully-formed adult skulls provide better insulation than children’s skulls, so children should NEVER be allowed to put cellphones against their heads.

There are also cellphone cases with built-in EMF defense. Many of them double as wallets that look really nice.

Inconvenient For Your Protection

I’m sorry if this is inconvenient, but I believe we’re going to see an unprecedented spike in brain cancer in the next few years, and I don’t want your kids to be a part of that casualty rate. It’s never worth it. If I am wrong and you spend the next ten years being inconvenienced for nothing, you are welcome to come to my office in ten years and show me the error of my words. I’ll be happy to see you. Trust me, like I said, I don’t like writing this any more than you like reading it, but I want us living long and healthy lives.


I also recommend that you learn about grounding. The earth has its own electromagnetic field, and so do you. When you ground yourself, you are aligning your electromagnetic field with the earth’s which is the state your body is supposed to be in. Dr. Joseph Mercola has a terrific series of articles on grounding that I encourage you to read. Or watch this great video that I recently shared. Even if you don’t understand it, just take my word for it and walk outside in your bare feet. Get off the concrete slab and put the soles of your feet on the soil. Bonus points for getting more of your body in contact with the earth (read: lay down).

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another natural EMF mitigation tool is the Himalayan salt lamp. The jury is still out on how effective they really are, but they are attractive (they are a nice change after looking at blue-light-emitting screens all day) and they have some air purification properties.

Wrapping Up

There’s more I could say about this, but I’ll wrap it up here for now. I may come back to this topic later, because, as you may have noticed, it interacts with several of the other topics I cover here. If you have questions, join me at tomorrow night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner tomorrow night and I’ll do my best to answer them. We’ll start at 6:15 p.m. at my office, which is right behind the YMCA on Pine Ridge Road. Bring a dish to share or $10 cash. And if you wouldn’t mind, please take a few seconds to RSVP on my Facebook page, so we can make sure we have room for everyone.

While you’re there, take a few seconds to share this article (or any from this series). You might be surprised at who you know that is hearing this information for the first time.

“At the end of your FEELINGS is NOTHING. At the end of your PRINCIPLES is a PROMISE.” — Eric Thomas

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