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Eat Right


The food we eat supplies much more than just calories for our bodies to burn. Food provides the raw materials from which our skin, hair, muscle, bone and all other tissues are made. Our diets provide the nutrients required to manage and manufacture hormones and enzymes that control the function of all cells. Our bodies use these nutrients to make neurotransmitters that regulate how we think and feel. Therefore, proper nutrition is essential to our overall health. We really are what we eat, which makes optimal nutrition imperative.

As science better understands chronic diseases, we learn that inflammation originates from root causes. Whether discussing maladies of the brain, heart, respiratory or digestive system, the common thread to compromised health is inflammation. Inflammation occurs at the cellular level and compromises energy production, metabolic efficiency and immune function.

At Fundamental Health Solutions, we teach our patients that eating right is one of the three pillars upon which health is restored and maintained. Whether beginning our 10-Day Intense Detox, the 28-Day Cleanse or following our anti-inflammatory diet, our patients learn how to achieve better health, maintain their health, and live full lives. Living a full life means feeling good every day, waking up in the morning without pain, performing at our best, and aging gracefully and healthfully.