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The Power of Bone Broth

shutterstock_338266544A hundred years ago, when your grandparents finished eating a turkey, a chicken, or a t-bone steak, they didn’t scrape the bones into the garbage. To do so was considered a sin of waste on par with throwing cash off a bridge.

What purpose could they possibly have had for these dry, skeletal remains?

They put them into a large pot or pressure cooker full of water and simmered them for days, along with celery, carrots, and onions. The whole house radiated with a rich, salty aroma that just made you feel warm all over. After a couple of days, the bones and vegetables were drawn out and strained like a tea bag. What remained was nothing less than a miracle: a savory pot of deep golden bone broth.

Bone broth is known the world over for its health-promoting properties. What did our grandparents always recommend for a cold? Chicken soup, right?


Many of the supplements that we take today are meant to replace the nutrients we aren’t getting because our food supply has substituted chemicals for the all-natural animal-based broth our parents used to use. Here’s a list of five unbelievable health benefits you never knew came from bone broth.

That’s why I order bone broth directly from Chef Lance Roll. He is one of America’s foremost experts on bone broth and he produces the absolute best broth I have ever seen or tasted.

I’m like you: I live a busy life, so cooking up my own broth is not an option, and most of the stuff at the grocery store isn’t even fit for human consumption. But because it’s an important part of my diet, I searched out the best I could find. The broth I found at is the best around.

Never buy canned soup again. It’s full of salt, preservatives, and other chemicals that hate your body. When you make your own soup from real broth, it’s better for you, it lasts longer, and it stretches out your grocery budget.

So, visit today and start eating healthier.

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