How To Have Your Best Year Ever

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

Your best year? Ever? A whole year that’s good?

How does that happen?

If you want to get down to the root, the question is really, how can anyone make that happen?

Even more specifically, how can I make that happen for me?

It seems impossible, but I’m here to show you how you can have it and keep having it.

What Is “Best?”

So let’s talk about the word, “best.” That’s a word packed with meaning. When you hear that word, what images come to mind? Smiling faces? Relaxed people enjoying a glass of wine by the pool? Maybe you thought about your checking and investment accounts.

Best, by most dictionary definitions, means that something is the highest in quality or value. It is preferred. But you knew that. I think we all understand what the word “best” means from a dictionary perspective. But what does “best” mean to you?

Maybe to you, “best” means:

  • “I made more money than other years”
  • “All my relationships were peaceful”
  • “I finally got to rest and enjoy some free time”
  • “My business reached a certain level”
  • “I achieved a major goal”
  • “My spouse and I didn’t fight”

What Does Best Mean For You?

From a wellness perspective, “best” can mean a dozen things to a single person. You can have a best year in your health, a best year in your relationships, in your career, and in several other areas. I think most of us enjoy years when one area of our life is awesome, but probably not all of them in the same year. Life is a banking act.

So, what can we do to give ourselves the gift of a “best year” in every area at once? It’s hard work, but I believe it can be done.


I have a friend who, every time he wishes someone a happy birthday on Facebook, ends it with the phrase, “I believe this is going to be your best year yet!” How can he say that? What gives him the authority to prophesy that over someone?

For me, if I’m going to greet someone on their birthday, I would rather offer them well wishes than gloom and doom. Right? Who wants negative words on their birthday? Plus, there is something powerful in hearing someone speaking positive words over you (bonus points if you speak them over yourself).

But what do you say to yourself on your birthday? How do you envision the coming year? What about New Year’s Day?

How Do You Treat Yourself?

Are you one of those people who sets out a million goals and then gives up on them all, or one who has given up on setting goals entirely? Or are you the kind who sets a vision for yourself, measures out some reasonable action steps toward becoming the person you want to be, and then takes action each day toward those goals?

I don’t know many people in that third category, but I am working on being a person like that. I want to be the person who is always working on being the best version of myself. Plus, I want to encourage everyone I know (at least the people who have allowed me to have influence in their lives) to pursue their best year ever.


Every successful person I know has a crystal clear vision of what they want in life. I have a vision board that keeps my goals and aspirations clear in front of me. There is something powerful about having goals and dreams in writing, or in pictures. “Write the vision and make it plain on billboards where people can see it,” says the prophet Habakuk. You have to be able to see yourself enjoying the life you have chosen for yourself.

Actually, vision can work against you, like it has for some of my patients over the years. Some people, no matter what you do, can’t envision themselves being well. You can give them a diet plan and exercises to do, and they can do them faithfully, but until they get a vision of themselves well, they always see themselves sick. King Solomon once said, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Choose a vision that is desirable to you, and then go after it. You have to believe you can have it, or you never well.


Of course, a goal without action is just a dream. If I say I want to go visit New York City, but I don’t buy a plane ticket, then I’m not going to get very far. I have to take action to move my dream from idea to reality.

That being said, you may not know what actions you need to take to advance your goals. If you have a dream of starting your own business, but have never done it before, you need to educate yourself. You might want to take some online business courses, attend a seminar, or apprentice yourself to a successful business owner.

If you want different results, you have to change the behaviors that got you where you are. The first step is to educate yourself on what you need to do differently. then you need to implement the new behaviors in your daily life.

Let Me Give You Knowledge To Act On

Thursday night, I’m starting a brand new season of “Fundamental Foods” dinners at my office behind the YMCA. In fact, the first one is titled, “Your Best Year Ever!” Over the last few years, these dinner have become more and more popular, to the point that we are maxing out my office. I might have to start looking for a new place to hold them if they get much bigger, but that’s the best problem ever.

Why are they so popular?

Well, we always have a delicious meal, and we have great people who enjoy getting to know each other. I do my best to make sure that you walk away with information that you can implement immediately and see real results. Either I teach it or I bring in an expert I trust. I want to help you move toward your wellness goals by giving you useable knowledge.

Each month, as we add new information to the previous month, you will have a more complete toolkit of knowledge that will move you closer to your best year yet. But this time next year, you will be ready to launch out into an amazing year of wellness in every area.

Join Us For Dinner

If you live in the Naples area, I hope you’ll join us tomorrow night (Thursday, October 10) at 6:15 p.m. Bring a dish to share or $10 cash. And please RSVP on our Facebook page, so we can make sure we have enough room.

This is going to be our biggest year of “Fundamental Foods” ever.

You might even say it’s the “best.”

“At the end of your FEELINGS is NOTHING. At the end of your PRINCIPLES is a PROMISE.”  — Eric Thomas

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