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Move Right…Feel Great!

Here at Fundamental Health Solutions, we teach you to eat right, think right, move right, and live right.

Today, we’re excited to bring our the first exercise video in our new series, “Move Right Monday.” Each video will include a simple exercise that you can perform for five to ten minutes a couple times during the day.

Studies are showing that one of the biggest health threats to future generations is that sedentary lifestyle we mentioned last week. We are also finding that it’s breaking up your day with short periods of movement has greater benefit to your overall health than spending an hour at a time in the gym.

If you follow the simple exercises I’m going to show you through this video series, you should experience greater flexibility, have less back pain, and start feeling really good.

So let’s get right to it. This is a simple squat exercise that you can do right where you are… right now!



1.Put your fingertips on your desk or a chair to help you balance.

2. Get your feet about shoulder-width apart.

3. Lower your torso until your bottom is just parallel with your knees (if possible).

4. Hold that position and count to two.

5. Press into your heels to stand back up.

6. Repeat this for five to ten minutes.

NOTE: Your current strength and flexibility will determine how low you can go and how much pressure you’ll need to put on your fingertips to hold you steady.

This exercise will make a big difference in your hips and back and get you feeling better fast.

“At the end of your feelings is NOTHING. At the end of your principles is a PROMISE!” — Eric Thomas

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