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Move Right


“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while whole movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” –Plato

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Muscular strength is often perceived as the ultimate measure of physical fitness. If true, then why do many strong people of all ages suffer from injury, pain dysfunction, and performance disability? In reality, strength is only part of the equation and does not protect our bodies from injuries. Power and stability, beginning deep in the core, are necessary foundations for achieving a strong, healthy and functional body.As a result, we focus on building faster, controlled, coordinated and balanced bodies.

At Fundamental Health Solutions, we provide our patients with care that ranges from injury rehabilitation to sports performance, depending uponwhere they are on the training spectrum. The best way to determine how well a person is equipped to perform a specific task is to watch them during activity.Each of our clients is evaluated using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment or the Functional Movement Assessment to determine their individual risks for injury and starting points for recovery.

We practice what we preach to our patients. We offer exercise classes to our clients and community. These classes are designed to keep people healthy and support their home exercise programs. Clients that participate in our classes experience improved strength and flexibility, suffer from less pain and visit medical offices less often.

Our Move Right Class is a results-oriented training program that enhances daily activities, and enables participants to lift their children, walk through the mall, and stand up from the couch without pain and discomfort. We focus on building the body from the inside out.