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Supercharge Your Mental Game With One Key Truth

How would you feel if I told you that I would be in your corner during an upcoming challenge, cheering you on, giving you advice, helping you to strategize, and providing you with the resources you need to win the mental game?

You might be appreciative.

If I told you that your corner team for that same challenge would include Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Jon Cena, and Warren Buffet, you would likely be a little more enthusiastic.

But how would you feel if I told you that the Almighty Sovereign God That Created The Universe would stand in your corner with you in your darkest hour, give you supernatural wisdom for every circumstance you face, protect you, encourage you, and provide for every possible need and contingency in your life?

Think about this for just a moment:

You have unlimited direct personal access to all the wisdom, authority, and resources in the universe at any time.

How would that change your perspective about your situation?

Some people yawn when they hear this. Others argue. Still others are thankful, but it doesn’t change anything about their lives.

People still live in stress.

Let me repeat this so it sinks in: we have unlimited direct personal access to all the wisdom, authority, and resources in the universe at any time, and yet people still yawn, argue, or put up with stress in their lives.

How Can I Make This Claim?

This Sunday is known in most of the Christian world as Easter. It is the celebration of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, sent to earth to reconcile the human race to their Creator. He proved it by sacrificing his own life to pay for the sins of all mankind and rising from the dead three days later.

Why did He have to do that?

Humans were the only creature created by God with a free will. God created us with the option to love and give Him the first place of worship in our lives or walk away from Him and worship ourselves. Right from the beginning, we as a race chose to go our own way and separated ourselves from fellowship with Him. That choice was manifested when the first man chose to disobey the one and only rule God gave him. The problem is, there are some things in life we cannot navigate on our own, and the condition of the world today reflects our obstinate decision to ignore His wisdom.

The decision to disobey God’s laws is called sin, and the payment for sin is separation from God, which is spiritual death. Spiritual death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your physical life, but you will see the effects of death in your life: despair, hopelessness, sickness, poverty, isolation, and the list goes on. Everything that fellowship with God will do for you, separation from God will do the opposite.

As long as you are breathing, you have the option to be reconciled with God, but you have to choose it. He will not force it on you, and once you die, the decision is made permanent. Permanent separation from God is called Hell. It is a place of permanent suffering, hopelessness, and despair. He cannot do anything to help us when we are permanently away from Him. It is the ultimate torment.

God doesn’t want anyone in that place, but He gave you the right to choose for yourself where you end up.

Just to make clear that He does not intend for any person to be separated from Him, He set up a system where anyone could pay the sin debt of another person In the Old Testament, the system included different types of animals to pay for different classifications of sin. The point of the system was to remind us regularly that every sin has a cost, but mercy allows us to be freed from the debt of sin through a sacrifice. As the ultimate sacrifice, God sent His Son to Earth to pay the debt once and for all.

When we remember the resurrection of Jesus, we remember that He paid the sin debt that kept us away from God’s presence and all the amazing resources of Heaven – supernatural wisdom, health, and goods.

We remember that God is in our corner again. Not because He left our corner, but because we left Him and He made it possible for us to come back.

Does that thought bring you peace?

A billion people will attend church this weekend around the world:

  • For some, it will be the only time all year.
  • For some, it will be their first time in a long time.
  • For some, it will be an attempt to fulfill an obligation or family tradition.
  • For many, it will be the last time before they meet him face to face.

But when you realize that Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, reached down to pay your debt so you could have access to Him and everything He wants to give you, it puts this celebration in a new perspective.

Forget the hymns, the flowers, and the candy, and focus on Him. He moved Heaven and earth to help you experience the life He intended for you to have.

Victory in every area of your life is waiting for you. Accept the gift.

If you’ve never made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life, simply invite Him. Say, “Jesus, I have lived my life apart from you, but I welcome You in as King and Lord in my life. Please fulfill Your plan for my life and I will follow Your lead.” Then start reading His Success Book and join a local group of believers who will encourage you in your faith. If you don’t know which one to choose and you live in the Naples area, come meet me at mine and I’ll help introduce you around.

The Bible says if you acknowledge Jesus as the boss in your life and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you become a part of His family, and everything He has to give you becomes yours.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

“At the end of your feelings is NOTHING. At the end of your principles is a PROMISE.”  — Eric Thomas

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