Let’s Get Back To The Fundamental

People sometimes ask me why I named my practice Fundamental Health Solutions. When you’re thinking about a name for a business, you want to capture the core values that underpin the whole operation. For me, that was getting people back to the basics of wellness. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years now (I can […]

One Change You Can Make In 2019 That Will Protect Your Health In 2029

Now that we’ve packed up the last remnants of 2018 and the new year is well underway, I want to start looking ahead again. No, I’m not kidding. I know, we’re supposed to be done with goal-setting and vision-casting, right? We are supposed to be in the implementation phase, where we start to make the […]

Your Official 2019 Wellness Checkup Checklist

Welcome to 2019! I hope this new year finds you blessed, healthy, optimistic and surrounded by people who love you. I want to get right into today’s topic: my 2019 Wellness Checkup Checklist. Time To Take Stock Of Life New Year’s Day is one of those great opportunities we have during the year to stop […]

Your Holiday Weight Loss Strategy

If there are two things that always seem to go along with holidays, they are: Weight gain Ads for miracle weight loss plans If you’ve been in the checkout line at your favorite grocery store lately, you’ve probably seen the ads. First, they shame you for your body shape, then they hold the carrot of […]

Healthy Brain How-To: Know The Risk Factors of Dementia

 Protecting your brain sounds like something football players would be concerned with. Every few years, the NFL makes updates to the design of their helmets, based on the latest research, to reduce the risk of concussion or brain injury. It’s a good idea, but it doesn’t help the rest of us much. I don’t suggest […]

Thanksgiving Wellness: A Guilt-free Holiday Article

This is the time of year when the topic of food moves to the front burner. The morning shows bring in celebrity chefs and “health experts” that tell you to eat more “heart-healthy” margarine instead of butter on your biscuits. As if. The fitness and glamour magazines talk about how you can lose that holiday […]

Eat Your Way To Brain Health

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at ways to keep your brain healthy, especially as we move into our 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. For me personally, now that I’ve crossed into my 50s, nourishing my brain has become as much a […]

Simple But Not Easy: Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Over the last few weeks, several things have worked together to focus my attention on brain health. First, there was a book, then a conversation, then a phone call. I feel like I’m being surrounded by resources to help me tackle this important issue. As a chiropractor, it’s natural for me to emphasize the brain […]

Introduction to Ketosis: A Map To Get There

Sometimes, when you’re a chiropractor, you touch a nerve. So it seems that last week’s post about emotional detox impacted some people in the ways I hope all my articles would. As hard as it was to say some of the things I had to say, the comments I got afterward would suggest that it […]

Prevention And Wellness: Take Back The Power of Your Own Health

There are many things that I enjoy about my work — like the fact that I get to live and work in Southwest Florida and that I have the patients I have — but two of which I am most proud are: The fact that my practice was one of the first in the world […]

Wellness Begets Wellness: Living A Preventative Lifestyle

Tomorrow night, I’m so pleased to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Dr. Jacqueline Romero, at the Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner. If you’ve never heard her speak, you’re in for a treat. In a little bit, I’ll give you the link to RSVP to secure your seat. If you were to stop by […]

Is Your Food Promoting Wellness…Or Sickness?

If there’s one comment I hear more than any other from my readers, it’s “for a chiropractor, you sure write a lot about diet and gut health.” There’s a reason for that. More Than Wellness…Wholeness As I often share here on “Wellness Wednesdays,” wellness is not just a well-aligned spine. Your bones, nervous system, organs, […]

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