The Nutrient That Makes Your Body Work: The Power of Magnesium

Remember back in the 1980s, when calcium first became a big deal? Calcium supplements were all the rage. Doctors came on the nightly news to talk about the dangers of osteoporosis. Milk sales spiked because, after all, it “does a body good.” Suddenly, everything had added calcium, from ice cream to antacid tablets (actually, they […]

Even The Best Food Can Cause You Problems: A Look At Food Combinations

Are you ready to have your whole reality turned on its head? Are you ready to pull back the curtain on a set of misconceptions that have kept millions of people sick, overweight, and frustrated? You’re not going to like what I have to say. You might be offended. But if you’re willing to hear […]

Comfort Food…Explained By Science

Have you ever wondered why some foods (especially unhealthy foods) make you feel good all over? Or why you crave certain foods when you’re sad or depressed? Some people say meat loaf and macaroni and cheese remind them of their grandmother’s house…even if they don’t remember their grandmother ever making those items. What is it […]

Good News For Improved Gut Health

I hope you’ve been enjoying this “Wellness Wednesday” series on maintaining a healthy gut. The comments we’ve been getting let me know that it has been eye-opening for many of the people who follow us every week. As we’ve been discussing for weeks, there is a colony of bacteria in your intestines that do more […]

Simple Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Gut

The last couple of weeks we’ve been focusing on keeping a healthy gut and healthy digestion, both on Wellness Wednesdays and my monthly Fundamental Foods dinner, which was held last Thursday night (If you live in the Naples area, I really want to invite you to join us for one of these dinners. I promise you will […]

How To Feed Your Gut The Diet It Needs

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we laid the groundwork for a deeper discussion about your gut. I’m not talking about that “spare tire” millions of American’s carry around their waist; I’m talking about the health of your intestinal track. You probably don’t even think about your gut unless you overdo it at the dinner table, but it is […]

The Critical Mineral Everyone Forgets About

I remember back in the 1980s, when calcium became a big deal. Calcium supplements were all the rage. Doctors came on the nightly news to talk about the dangers of osteoporosis. Milk sales spiked. Suddenly, everything had added calcium, from milk to antacid tablets (actually, they always had some calcium, but they started promoting it so […]

Why Am I Starting To See Berberine Everywhere?

When you’ve been in a profession for a number of years, you start to recognize trends and patterns. Ideas rise and fall, breakthrough products become obsolete, and systems grow and wane in popularity. Remember the VCR? Over time, you learn not to put too much stock in fads. Instead, you find the trends that have […]

Are You Making This Nutrition Mistake?

This is an interesting graphic I saw on Twitter recently. There’s a ton of great material here, and I will refer back to this list from time to time, but for today, I want to call your attention to number 8: not resolutely taking care of your gut. We talked about this last week when […]

What’s That Smell??! Oh…It’s Good Health.

Name some foods that leap to your mind when I say, “health food.” Oranges? Check. Carrots? Got that. Kale? Thought you’d say that. Sauerkraut? Never even crossed your mind, did it?

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