Are You Missing This Critical Key To Sustainable Wellness?

Last week, I made the claim that attitude is the first wellness. In a nutshell, I proposed that, unless we are willing to take responsibility for our own choices and change the behaviors that have been impacting our wellness in a negative way, our health will deteriorate over time. Your willingness to change is the […]

A Simple Plan To Beat Brain Fog

Now that we are past the holidays, I want to get back to our discussion about brain health. I was reminded recently of a patient I treated years ago who complained of brain fog. Let’s call her Connie. Connie, Interrupted Connie was in her 50s when she first came in. She was elegant, well-educated, and […]

Understanding Dementia 2: Giving Care To The Caregiver

If you haven’t been here on “Wellness Wednesday” with us the last two weeks, I want to catch you up on what’s happened, because if you have a family member or loved one at any stage of dementia (or you want to do what you can to prevent it in your own life), I believe […]

The Holidays Can Be Good For Your Wellness

Here on “Wellness Wednesdays,” we talk about the things we can do for our bodies to maintain (or achieve) optimum health. Most of the time, we talk about nutrition, diet, and lifestyle issues. But wellness is a diamond with many facets. I talk to people almost every day who naturally associate the winter holidays with […]

Is Your Heart Ready For The Holidays?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…even here in Southwest Florida, where most of us celebrate Christmas in shorts and t-shirts. I appreciate the effort people make around here to recreate the holiday experience they had when they lived up north — with colored lights and digital icicles and miles of garland and ribbon. […]

Protecting Your Health By Fighting Loneliness

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we introduced a topic that surprised some of our readers. As I’ve often said here, even though my diploma says, “chiropractor,” my work with patients extends beyond the spine and nervous system. We take a holistic view of wellness that includes nutrition, movement, hydration, sleep, and mental, emotional, and spiritual […]

Wellness And The Holidays: The Dangers of Loneliness

Even though my shingle says “chiropractor,” one of the core principles of my practice is that wellness is multi-dimensional: adjusting the spine is just one facet of a complete life of health. If I align your spine, but your diet is a mess, we’re not going to be able to sustain the gains we make. […]

When Healthcare Becomes…Detective Work

When I meet with patients, our conversations can go a dozen different ways. Part of that is because I like visiting with them and learning about their lives, but part is because I’m looking for clues. Here at Fundamental Health Solutions, we believe that humans are multi-faceted beings, so wellness involves all the different parts […]

How Your Thought Life Impacts Your Health

One of the foundational principles of my practice – and our “Wellness Wednesday” series – is that humans are multi-faceted beings, and all of the facets are interwoven. I am a spirit, I live in a body, and I have a mind, will, and emotions. Interwoven Systems The link between diet and physical health is […]

You, You, and You: Understanding the Three-part Human Life

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we did a quick study of the four sides of wellness: Eat Right, Move Right, Think Right, and Live Right. Like facets of a diamond, all four parts are equally important, and they all influence each other. For example, bad food choices can affect your mood and your movement, while […]

The Four Sides of Wellness

If there is one overriding theme that summarizes my practice and my approach to healthcare, it’s the understanding that we are all multi-faceted beings. No-one is just a body or just a mind. No-one is just a digestive system. A complete, comprehensive approach to wellness incorporates every component of a human life. My biggest concern […]

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