Let’s Get Back To The Fundamental

People sometimes ask me why I named my practice Fundamental Health Solutions. When you’re thinking about a name for a business, you want to capture the core values that underpin the whole operation. For me, that was getting people back to the basics of wellness. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years now (I can […]

Christmas And The Healthy Brain

The holidays are in full swing now and my prayer is that you are enjoying them in good health and joy. As 2018 winds to a close and we step into 2019, I’ve been thinking a lot about your brain. After all, your brain is the hub of all wellness – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, […]

Healthy Brain How-To: Know The Risk Factors of Dementia

 Protecting your brain sounds like something football players would be concerned with. Every few years, the NFL makes updates to the design of their helmets, based on the latest research, to reduce the risk of concussion or brain injury. It’s a good idea, but it doesn’t help the rest of us much. I don’t suggest […]

The Hub of All Wellness: Maintaining A Healthy Brain

I’ve been thinking a lot about brains lately. A few weeks ago, I posted an article about simple tips for keeping your brain healthy through your adult years. It sparked a lot of interest with people, including the director of an assisted living home in Kansas, who called me later in the week to talk […]

It’s Not What You Think: Introduction To Meditation

I’m really excited about the next couple of weeks of “Wellness Wednesday,” because we’re going to kick over some long-established, wrong ideas. In doing so, I believe we’re going to open you up to good health in a way you might never have expected. One of the guiding principles of my practice is that wellness […]

Back To Fundamentals: A New Start For Your Wellness In 2018

Welcome to another new year – a blank slate full of possibility and opportunity!! I’m so glad you chose to meet me here today. With the first article of 2018, I want to set the tone for the rest of the year. To do that, I’m going back to the fundamentals. Literally. Many years ago, […]

Putting The “Plant” In “Plant Slant”

If you’ve ever spent time working in a garden, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If not, you just don’t know what you’re missing. On this week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” I want to turn our attention from our discussion about saving money on healthcare (which had some surprises for me, so I think you will enjoy […]

How To Save Money On Your Healthcare Costs

Every minute of news reporting I’ve watched lately has made me long for a return to hurricane coverage. I’m not kidding. I mean, I’m glad that the hurricanes are over, and our lives are getting back to normal, but I just don’t even know how to process everything that has happened since. It’s surreal. I […]

Four Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Performance At Work

I’ve had the privilege of caring for hundreds of patients from a wide variety of occupations: teachers, plumbers, athletes, general contractors, secretaries, pastors, executives, politicians, homemakers, and countless others. In doing so, I’ve worked with several high-performance people, who needed something extra from their bodies to fulfill their calling in life. No matter what industry […]

For Best Results, Get Back To The Fundamentals of Fitness

I just got back from a fantastic daddy/daughter trip to New England with my daughter, Taryn. We had a fantastic time in the mountains north of Lake Winnipesaukee, along the border between New Hampshire and Maine. For a low-altitude Florida boy, the mountains hold a special fascination for me. Naturally, we did a lot of […]

Win The War Against Low Back Pain

Since the basis of my practice is chiropractic care, back pain is kind of my bread and butter. It makes sense: people with inflammatory bowel disorder typically don’t think of chiropractors first when looking for treatment. Eventually, I’ll fix that mindset, but for now, I’ll gladly start with back pain and work my way through the […]

Is “Too Much Exercise” A Thing?

One of my guiding principles as a chiropractor and wellness coach is to provide the best care possible, and that forces me to stay up to date on the latest research in mobility, exercise, strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and neurology. Ironically, the most compelling research usually demonstrates that the health and wellness practices of the […]

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