Eat Your Way To Lasting Wellness

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we talked about the one thing that separates success from failure in personal development. Do you remember what it was? If you want to change a habit, lose weight, or remodel your life in any way, there is an unending flood of information available on the internet, but nothing will […]

For Best Results, Get Back To The Fundamentals of Fitness

I just got back from a fantastic daddy/daughter trip to New England with my daughter, Taryn. We had a fantastic time in the mountains north of Lake Winnipesaukee, along the border between New Hampshire and Maine. For a low-altitude Florida boy, the mountains hold a special fascination for me. Naturally, we did a lot of […]

The Amazingly Beneficial Eating Plan Nobody Likes To Talk About

So many of the people that I see in my practice every day are at war. They look normal on the outside, but inside a battle is raging. They are battling with obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and a host of other diseases…and they are miserable. But they often don’t like the battle plan […]

You Need It To Live…And You’re Doing It Wrong

This may seem like a strange question, but are you breathing properly? I mean, really. We breathe all day long without thinking about it. We’ve been breathing consistently since we came out of the womb, and here I am asking you if you’re doing it right. Seriously? Yes. On this week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” I want […]

Army Training, Sir! Part 2 of “Four for the Core”

Last week, we started a series of four exercise videos showing you how to tone up your core muscles using the exercises the U.S. military uses to keep their soldiers in top condition. I hope you’ve started incorporating the first exercise – “The Bridge” – into your daily workout routine. If not, now’s a great […]

One Small Change That Actually Could Transform Your Life

I see headlines like this all the time on Facebook. I’m sure you do, too. Promising big results with minimal personal investment is a trick as old as sales. The idea is that you can have miracle transformations in your life, health, relationships, and finances by doing one thing. In a society that wants to […]

The Best Fitness Training Is FREE

If you’ve been following “Move Right Monday” for awhile, you’ve probably started to notice that I am not a big believer in complicated gym equipment. There are few reasons for this. So much of the equipment at the gym is intended (or can be used) to bulk up at the expense of flexibility. I don’t […]

A Simple “Anywhere” Exercise For Great Results

It’s funny to think that “Move Right Monday” is over a year old already. We’ve learned so much from each other since then, and every day I’m grateful for people like you who read the blog so faithfully. I think one of the reasons that so many people join us here so faithfully is that […]

Ancient History Laughs At Modern Fitness

Ask me what I’m passionate about. Go ahead…ask. I’m glad you asked. I’ll tell you. I am passionate about helping people find lasting health and wellness so they can live long, strong, and vibrant lives. My mandate is to cut through all the marketing and misinformation, and get back to the truth about who we are […]

My Patients Were Right All Along

It seems like there is no end to the fitness advice available to us. Every town has a Gold’s Gym; every hotel and gated community has a fitness center. There are scores of fitness and weight training magazines in print, and at least a dozen multilevel marketing companies that promote one routine or another. Some […]

Sit-Ups and Push-Ups: How To Do Them Wrong

If you’ve been enjoying the “Move Right Monday” exercise videos we do every other week, I want to give you a little look “behind the scenes.” I have a friend who helps me create the videos. Every couple of months, he comes to my office with his gear and tapes me demonstrating each exercise. Then he […]

Improve Your Health By Improving Your Posture With This Simple Exercise

Welcome to the new year! I hope you had a great holiday weekend and you’re setting some big goals for 2016! I’m continuing my “Army Training” exercise series this week. Most people have what I call “schlumped over” posture and it’s hurting their overall health in ways they don’t recognize. When your shoulders are hunched […]

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