What Makes The Mediterranean Diet So Powerful

Last week, I presented a challenge for you to think about: are you feeding your body in a way that promotes health and wellness, or disease? Specifically, I challenged the way we eat here in America. No matter what age you are today, it’s crucial to understand that the choices you make with your body […]

Understanding Automimmune Disorders

Over the last few months, we’ve been paying particular attention to your body’s built-in defense systems, both here on “Wellness Wednesday” and at the monthly Fundamental Foods Dinners we hold at my office. I believe there’s an epidemic growing in our nation, where people are being overtaken by diseases modern medicine can’t cure, and our only […]

The Hidden Link Between Your Dinner And that Pain You’re Feeling

Mike is a 40-something sales professional with a wife and three kids in a nice part of town. Mike comes to my office to get help with lower back pain, and we do a basic run through of his overall health. we discover some interesting things: He has had headaches for as long as he […]

Protecting Your Body From Disease….From The Inside Out

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we reintroduced one of my favorite topics – no, not the spine, or the nervous system, or even exercise. We’re talking about the “gut,” that often-misunderstood part of your body between your ribs and your hips. You might remember that, even though we call it your stomach, your stomach is […]

8 Symptoms of Allergies That Do Not Involve Sneezing

One of the most complex and sophisticated defense forces ever assembled is living inside your body right now. No, it’s not an alien invasion or a secret government plot. It’s your God-given immune system. Your body’s immune system is a powerful and well-organized system of defensive cells that recognize dangerous invaders entering your body and […]

Could This Bread Be The Answer For Folks With Gluten Sensitivities?

In my work with the Blue Zones Project, I get to see people in other countries enjoying long, healthy lives and eating delicious, life-promoting foods. Of course, it makes it all the more discouraging to travel around the United States and see people in the most prosperous nation on earth ravaged by disease because their […]

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