Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

I am so excited about tomorrow night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner with our special guest, Jan Etzel. Every dinner we do here is a great time – and they only get better as we go – but I believe this one is going to clear up a lot of misconceptions about healthy eating and […]

Your Body Is Screaming At You…Are You Listening?

“Charlie” came in the other day with a sour look on his face. When I asked what was wrong, he explained that his cardiologist was changing his medications and his diet again because his blood pressure, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol were all up. He couldn’t believe it. He had thought he was making so much […]

Managing Autoimmune Disorders By Balancing Your Immune System

I know the title this week sounds a little dry and clinical, but I believe it will answer some nagging questions for someone. Maybe it’s you. As we get ready for next week’s “Fundamental Foods Dinner” (if you live in the Naples area, I really hope you will join us for it), we’ve been looking […]

Understanding Automimmune Disorders

Over the last few months, we’ve been paying particular attention to your body’s built-in defense systems, both here on “Wellness Wednesday” and at the monthly Fundamental Foods Dinners we hold at my office. I believe there’s an epidemic growing in our nation, where people are being overtaken by diseases modern medicine can’t cure, and our only […]

Is SIBO Turning Your Gut Flora Against You?

If you were to come to one of our Fundamental Foods Nights, you might think you walked into the wrong doctor’s office. Each month, we have been dealing with wellness, not from a spinal health perspective, but from a gut health perspective. Most people think of me as a chiropractor, and while that is true, […]

Histamine Intolerance: More Than A Runny Nose

Have you ever heard of someone being “gruntled?” No? How about “disgruntled?” More familiar? I have a similar situation on this week’s “Wellness Wednesday.” Most of us are familiar with antihistamines: at least we know that they are the pills people take when they are suffering from allergies. But do you know what histamines are? […]

Protecting Your Body From Disease….From The Inside Out

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we reintroduced one of my favorite topics – no, not the spine, or the nervous system, or even exercise. We’re talking about the “gut,” that often-misunderstood part of your body between your ribs and your hips. You might remember that, even though we call it your stomach, your stomach is […]

Is It Possible To Protect Yourself From Colon Cancer?

As a chiropractor, you would expect that most of my articles would be about spinal health. But as many of my faithful readers have noticed over the last two years, we talk a lot about building and maintaining a healthy gut. Now, if you’re new to my “Wellness Wednesday” blog, that might sound strange (my […]

8 Symptoms of Allergies That Do Not Involve Sneezing

One of the most complex and sophisticated defense forces ever assembled is living inside your body right now. No, it’s not an alien invasion or a secret government plot. It’s your God-given immune system. Your body’s immune system is a powerful and well-organized system of defensive cells that recognize dangerous invaders entering your body and […]

Could This Bread Be The Answer For Folks With Gluten Sensitivities?

In my work with the Blue Zones Project, I get to see people in other countries enjoying long, healthy lives and eating delicious, life-promoting foods. Of course, it makes it all the more discouraging to travel around the United States and see people in the most prosperous nation on earth ravaged by disease because their […]

Can You Eat Your Way Out Of Chronic Disease?

a + b = c. Sometimes regaining wellness can be as simple as that. If the “c” in our formula is life free from chronic illness, then it behooves us to identify the other factors that can lead us to that kind of wellness. In this case, the “a” and the “b” involve things you […]

Comfort Food…Explained By Science

Have you ever wondered why some foods (especially unhealthy foods) make you feel good all over? Or why you crave certain foods when you’re sad or depressed? Some people say meat loaf and macaroni and cheese remind them of their grandmother’s house…even if they don’t remember their grandmother ever making those items. What is it […]

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