Simple Steps To A Healthy Digestive System…And More!

Part of being the best chiropractor I can be for my patients is keeping myself educated on current research. The other day I came across a study on gut health, which — if you’ve been following “Wellness Wednesday” for any length of time, you know — is a favorite topic of mine. That might seem […]

It’s Not What You Think: Introduction To Meditation

I’m really excited about the next couple of weeks of “Wellness Wednesday,” because we’re going to kick over some long-established, wrong ideas. In doing so, I believe we’re going to open you up to good health in a way you might never have expected. One of the guiding principles of my practice is that wellness […]

Healthy Holidays: Simple Tips For Wellness

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, because we are in the thick of it now. If not, relax. It will only be a few more weeks. Last Thursday, my friend, Kathy Feinstein did an amazing job teaching us about the health implications of isolation and loneliness at our Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner. […]

Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

I am so excited about tomorrow night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner with our special guest, Jan Etzel. Every dinner we do here is a great time – and they only get better as we go – but I believe this one is going to clear up a lot of misconceptions about healthy eating and […]

Maximizing Wellness: Maintaining a Healthy Gut

“Wellness” has many facets and manifests in many different ways, and in my practice, we work to address them all (our theme here is “Move Right, Eat Right, Think Right, Live Right”). Even though I’m a licensed chiropractor, I learned early on that a straight spine isn’t the only key to good health. It’s the […]

Understanding Intermittent Fasting and Weight Management

Now that we’ve crossed over Memorial Day weekend and graduation season, it’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy a little summer R&R. I actually got to take a few days away with my daughter this week, which is as enjoyable as it is rare. I hope you’re able to take a little time […]

Beyond Indigestion – Are Your FOODS Causing Your Pain?

Recently, I was at Barnes and Noble, and as I walked past the Health/Wellness/Nutrition/Fitness/Weight Loss/Blah Blah Blah section, I was impressed by how large that section is – not just by the breadth of topics they shoehorn into one category, but by the unbelievable selection of titles within each subtopic. I’m not saying this as […]

Understanding Automimmune Disorders

Over the last few months, we’ve been paying particular attention to your body’s built-in defense systems, both here on “Wellness Wednesday” and at the monthly Fundamental Foods Dinners we hold at my office. I believe there’s an epidemic growing in our nation, where people are being overtaken by diseases modern medicine can’t cure, and our only […]

Is SIBO Turning Your Gut Flora Against You?

If you were to come to one of our Fundamental Foods Nights, you might think you walked into the wrong doctor’s office. Each month, we have been dealing with wellness, not from a spinal health perspective, but from a gut health perspective. Most people think of me as a chiropractor, and while that is true, […]

The Time My Body Almost Killed Me Could Save Your Life

People who have read our “Wellness Wednesday” series for a long time often ask me, “Dr. Steve, why do you spend so much time on your blog discussing gut health?” Let me tell you a little story. The Fast Track To Disease When I got out of chiropractic school in 1992, I was like a […]

Histamine Intolerance: More Than A Runny Nose

Have you ever heard of someone being “gruntled?” No? How about “disgruntled?” More familiar? I have a similar situation on this week’s “Wellness Wednesday.” Most of us are familiar with antihistamines: at least we know that they are the pills people take when they are suffering from allergies. But do you know what histamines are? […]

Protecting Your Body From Disease….From The Inside Out

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we reintroduced one of my favorite topics – no, not the spine, or the nervous system, or even exercise. We’re talking about the “gut,” that often-misunderstood part of your body between your ribs and your hips. You might remember that, even though we call it your stomach, your stomach is […]

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