Promoting Emotional and Physical Wellness With The Vagus Nerve

If you’re ever having difficulty sleeping, give me a call and I’ll give you some of my medical texts to read. In these sacred texts, you will learn the finer points of caring for interesting body parts, including the sternocleidomastoid, the superior mesenteric ganglion, and the vagus nerve. Are you still reading? Thank you for […]

Chiropractic 101: Understanding Why Adjustments Matter To Your Wellness

When a chiropractor starts a weekly blog, you naturally expect it to be mostly about chiropractic stuff, don’t you? But here we are, over three years later, and I just realized that I can count on one hand the number of articles I’ve written about what we might call “chiropractic in the strictest sense.” You know…stuff […]

Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

I am so excited about tomorrow night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner with our special guest, Jan Etzel. Every dinner we do here is a great time – and they only get better as we go – but I believe this one is going to clear up a lot of misconceptions about healthy eating and […]

Achieving Immune/Autoimmune Balance…Naturally

For the last few weeks, in preparation for this month’s “Fundamental Foods Dinner,” we’ve been diving deep into our study of the immune system and autoimmune diseases. If you live in the Naples area, I really hope you’ll be a part of the conversation by joining us for the dinner this Thursday night. (You can […]

Managing Autoimmune Disorders By Balancing Your Immune System

I know the title this week sounds a little dry and clinical, but I believe it will answer some nagging questions for someone. Maybe it’s you. As we get ready for next week’s “Fundamental Foods Dinner” (if you live in the Naples area, I really hope you will join us for it), we’ve been looking […]

The Hidden Link Between Your Dinner And that Pain You’re Feeling

Mike is a 40-something sales professional with a wife and three kids in a nice part of town. Mike comes to my office to get help with lower back pain, and we do a basic run through of his overall health. we discover some interesting things: He has had headaches for as long as he […]

C Is For…Almost Everything

One of the biggest frustrations I have is seeing how the medical/pharmaceutical industry manipulates healthcare in this country. I’m always encouraged when I see other nations take a stand for the truth – like many European nations have in the case of genetically-modified foods – but it just digs the knife in a little deeper […]

How To Make Your Own Organic Immune System Booster

One topic I come back to frequently on “Wellness Wednesday” is the importance of healthy gut flora. If you’re new to this blog (first of all…welcome!), it might sound like a strange thing for a chiropractor to talk about, but when it comes to total wellness, healthy gut flora ranks right up there with breathing […]

My Year-End Checklist For A Healthier 2016

Have you come back from the post-Christmas sugar coma yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure the overwhelming cravings for sweets will begin to subside any minute now. Any minute. Back to the Gut One topic that I come back to more than any other here on “Wellness Wednesdays” is maintaining a healthy gut. As always, I’m […]

What The Flu Is Not

I’m not sure where this picture came from, but I like it. It ties nicely with my recent article on flu prevention. Rather than treat sickness with chemicals, let’s protect our health with the elements that our planet provides us: sunlight, water, and the minerals our bodies need for optimum health. The best way to fight […]

Improving Gut Health with Kombucha

All this month, I’ve focused our “Wellness Wednesdays” (and the “Fundamental Foods” dinner a few weeks ago) on how to maintain a healthy gut. Again, I’m not talking about building rock-hard abs – I’m talking about your digestive system. Since our intestines are not only the way we digest our food, but also the centerpiece of our immune […]

How To Feed Your Gut The Diet It Needs

On last week’s “Wellness Wednesday,” we laid the groundwork for a deeper discussion about your gut. I’m not talking about that “spare tire” millions of American’s carry around their waist; I’m talking about the health of your intestinal track. You probably don’t even think about your gut unless you overdo it at the dinner table, but it is […]

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