Are You Missing This Critical Key To Sustainable Wellness?

Last week, I made the claim that attitude is the first wellness. In a nutshell, I proposed that, unless we are willing to take responsibility for our own choices and change the behaviors that have been impacting our wellness in a negative way, our health will deteriorate over time. Your willingness to change is the […]

Meet Glutathione: The Antioxidant Superpower

The heartbeat of my practice is helping people experience and live in wellness in every part of their lives. Of course, wellness manifests itself in many ways, and while my license says I’m a chiropractor, I recognize that living our best life may start with an aligned spine, but it doesn’t end there. In fact, […]

20 Benefits of Fasting: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual

America is getting fat. Maybe you’ve noticed it happening gradually around you…or to you. As a nation, we’ve fallen prey to a culture of luxury that promotes sensory overstimulation on several levels — overstimulating our eyes and ears with entertainment, overstimulating our tactile senses with pleasure, and overstimulating our taste buds with sugar and chemicals. […]

Promoting Emotional and Physical Wellness With The Vagus Nerve

If you’re ever having difficulty sleeping, give me a call and I’ll give you some of my medical texts to read. In these sacred texts, you will learn the finer points of caring for interesting body parts, including the sternocleidomastoid, the superior mesenteric ganglion, and the vagus nerve. Are you still reading? Thank you for […]

Can Your Leg Day Exercises Make You…Smarter?

If there’s one phrase that sends even the most dedicated bodybuilders away screaming, it’s “leg day.” Whether you’re doing crunches or squats or the wall sitting exercise, leg workouts are usually associated with pain. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t post a funny meme on Facebook about the torture associated with leg day. […]

Can Meditation Really Help You Improve Your Health?

One topic that I frequently address here on “Wellness Wednesday” is stress management. Unmanaged stress is the root cause of up to 70 percent of common medical problems. Consider a short list of common health problems that are directly associated with stress: Insomnia Headaches Difficulty focusing Neck and back pain Acid reflux Ulcers Depression Surpassed […]

The False Facebook Face: How Hiding Your Real Self Can Make You Sick

Several months ago, a patient whom I’ll call “Bruce” came in for a regular adjustment. I’ve known Bruce professionally for a few years. He is gregarious, quick with a joke or a snarky comment, and easy to talk to. His Facebook page is full of pictures of his friends, his kids, and his grandkids. He had […]

Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

I am so excited about tomorrow night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner with our special guest, Jan Etzel. Every dinner we do here is a great time – and they only get better as we go – but I believe this one is going to clear up a lot of misconceptions about healthy eating and […]

Beyond Indigestion – Are Your FOODS Causing Your Pain?

Recently, I was at Barnes and Noble, and as I walked past the Health/Wellness/Nutrition/Fitness/Weight Loss/Blah Blah Blah section, I was impressed by how large that section is – not just by the breadth of topics they shoehorn into one category, but by the unbelievable selection of titles within each subtopic. I’m not saying this as […]

Managing Autoimmune Disorders By Balancing Your Immune System

I know the title this week sounds a little dry and clinical, but I believe it will answer some nagging questions for someone. Maybe it’s you. As we get ready for next week’s “Fundamental Foods Dinner” (if you live in the Naples area, I really hope you will join us for it), we’ve been looking […]

The Hidden Link Between Your Dinner And that Pain You’re Feeling

Mike is a 40-something sales professional with a wife and three kids in a nice part of town. Mike comes to my office to get help with lower back pain, and we do a basic run through of his overall health. we discover some interesting things: He has had headaches for as long as he […]

How To Win The Food Fight

Over the last several weeks we’ve been fighting the War of Inflammation. If you’re just joining us, the War of Inflammation is an epic fight between your body’s internal defense systems and a whole host of toxic invaders. If it were a movie, it would be an Avengers sequel. Situation Normal For most of us, […]

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