More Than Eating Or NOT Eating; Why The Mediterranean Diet Is A Workable Lifestyle

Nutrition is more than just eating. Diet is more than just not eating. If you’ve been following my “Wellness Wednesdays” for the past few weeks, you know that I’m looking forward to dinner on Thursday night, when our Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner welcomes Julianna Saitta of Mediterranean Meals. If it were just about eating […]

Diet Mistakes Corrected By The Mediterranean Diet

No matter what age you are today, it’s crucial to understand that the choices you are making with your body today will significantly impact how well it will work when you are in your nineties. It can even determine whether you are still living at that age. Over the last couple of weeks, I have […]

One Change You Can Make In 2019 That Will Protect Your Health In 2029

Now that we’ve packed up the last remnants of 2018 and the new year is well underway, I want to start looking ahead again. No, I’m not kidding. I know, we’re supposed to be done with goal-setting and vision-casting, right? We are supposed to be in the implementation phase, where we start to make the […]

Wellness Begets Wellness: Living A Preventative Lifestyle

Tomorrow night, I’m so pleased to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Dr. Jacqueline Romero, at the Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner. If you’ve never heard her speak, you’re in for a treat. In a little bit, I’ll give you the link to RSVP to secure your seat. If you were to stop by […]

Diseases The Mediterranean Diet Can Treat Or Prevent

Among the thousands of diet options that line the shelves at Barnes and Noble, few are as effective (and none are as ancient) as the Mediterranean Diet. Birthed in Old Testament times along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this is how people have eaten in that part of the world for thousands of […]

What The Rest of the World Can Teach Us About Healthy Eating

I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. Some of my most-cherished life memories are set in far-away places. Costa Rica is a personal favorite of mine. There is something about stepping away from the daily routines of life and experiencing something fresh and new that excites me. It’s easy to lose yourself […]

Three Surprising Things That Keep Healthcare in America Expensive

This week’s “Wellness Wednesday” is going to be a quick one. I want to follow up on last week’s article because it brought up a couple of key issues that are affecting millions of people (if you haven’t read last week’s article, take a minute now to read it here). Either you or someone you […]

The Shocking, Insane Thing I Did On My Birthday

I need to share a terrible secret with you. You may decide not to follow my blog anymore after this, but if you’re willing to hear me out, this truth might just set you free. Still, I’m feeling anxious about stepping up to this level of vulnerability. Are you ready? Give me a minute to […]

Wellness: Keep Checking Your Gauges

Several years ago, I had a patient who came to me with some significant health challenges. We developed a plan of healthy food choices and exercise for him to follow, and he did a great job. It wasn’t long before we saw a dramatic improvement in his overall health. He lost a bunch of weight, […]

The Four Sides of Wellness

If there is one overriding theme that summarizes my practice and my approach to healthcare, it’s the understanding that we are all multi-faceted beings. No-one is just a body or just a mind. No-one is just a digestive system. A complete, comprehensive approach to wellness incorporates every component of a human life. My biggest concern […]

The One Thing You Must Do To Improve Your Health

Welcome to December. I’m really excited about this time of year, for many reasons. Obviously, the holidays are always fun for me (I hope they are for you as well). Plus, I have so many great things lined up to share with you over the next few weeks. I really think they’re going to be eye-opening […]

What Ever Happened to Fitness?

With all the fitness centers dotting the landscape of our cities, it’s easy to think that America is the fittest and healthiest it’s ever been. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. On this week’s “Move Right Monday,” I want to take a trip back down Memory Lane to 1962, so we can […]

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