How To Get The Best Results From A Chiropractic Adjustment

I’m not a typical doctor. Most of my patients and friends know that’s true. At first glance, you might think it’s because I’m licensed as a chiropractor and a wellness coach, and that’s true. But there’s a deeper truth that makes my practice very different from other doctors – even from other chiropractors. We’ve been […]

Let’s Get Back To The Fundamental

People sometimes ask me why I named my practice Fundamental Health Solutions. When you’re thinking about a name for a business, you want to capture the core values that underpin the whole operation. For me, that was getting people back to the basics of wellness. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years now (I can […]

Can Your Leg Day Exercises Make You…Smarter?

If there’s one phrase that sends even the most dedicated bodybuilders away screaming, it’s “leg day.” Whether you’re doing crunches or squats or the wall sitting exercise, leg workouts are usually associated with pain. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t post a funny meme on Facebook about the torture associated with leg day. […]

Four Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Performance At Work

I’ve had the privilege of caring for hundreds of patients from a wide variety of occupations: teachers, plumbers, athletes, general contractors, secretaries, pastors, executives, politicians, homemakers, and countless others. In doing so, I’ve worked with several high-performance people, who needed something extra from their bodies to fulfill their calling in life. No matter what industry […]

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease…Naturally

It’s been a wild week since my last “Wellness Wednesday.” Just when I thought my summer couldn’t get any crazier, along comes Irma. If you’re here in Naples with me, I pray that this article finds you safe and well (and maybe even air conditioned). Hurricane prep is just part and parcel of living in […]

Win The War Against Low Back Pain

Since the basis of my practice is chiropractic care, back pain is kind of my bread and butter. It makes sense: people with inflammatory bowel disorder typically don’t think of chiropractors first when looking for treatment. Eventually, I’ll fix that mindset, but for now, I’ll gladly start with back pain and work my way through the […]

Army Training, Sir! Part 3 of “Four for the Core”

I hope you’ve been enjoying our “Wellness Wednesday” articles this summer. We’ve covered a wide range of topics, from the benefits of Iodine to recognizing food allergies to the importance of proper sun exposure and the power of success thinking. As with everything we do here at my practice, Fundamental Health Solutions, our goal is […]

Army Training, Sir! Part 2 of “Four for the Core”

Last week, we started a series of four exercise videos showing you how to tone up your core muscles using the exercises the U.S. military uses to keep their soldiers in top condition. I hope you’ve started incorporating the first exercise – “The Bridge” – into your daily workout routine. If not, now’s a great […]

Army Training, Sir! Part 1 of “Four for the Core”

General Barnicke: “Where have you been, soldier?” John Winger: “Training, sir.” Soldiers: “Training, sir!” General Barnicke: “What kind of training?” John Winger: “Army training, sir.” Soldiers: “Army training, sir.” From “Stripes” Copyright 1981, Columbia Pictures Corp. That’s one of my favorite movie scenes ever. Bill Murray leads a ragtag group of army misfits to believe […]

8 Simple Strategies For Protecting Your Joints From Injury

When we think about joint pain and stiffness, we usually think of senior citizens. You probably see them all the time (especially if you live here in Southwest Florida) slowly shuffling down the aisles at the grocery store. I wish I could carry an adjustment table around with me wherever I go, to serve them. […]

One Small Change That Actually Could Transform Your Life

I see headlines like this all the time on Facebook. I’m sure you do, too. Promising big results with minimal personal investment is a trick as old as sales. The idea is that you can have miracle transformations in your life, health, relationships, and finances by doing one thing. In a society that wants to […]

Why You Should Add Running Stairs to Your “Move Right Monday” Plan

If you’ve been following our “Move Right Monday” feature for any length of time, you know that I believe it doesn’t take an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to develop your stability, flexibility, and motor control, and build a slim, toned physique. You can “Move Right” anywhere. Case in point: stairs. Now, I know […]

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