How To Get The Best Results From A Chiropractic Adjustment

I’m not a typical doctor. Most of my patients and friends know that’s true. At first glance, you might think it’s because I’m licensed as a chiropractor and a wellness coach, and that’s true. But there’s a deeper truth that makes my practice very different from other doctors – even from other chiropractors. We’ve been […]

Dr Steve’s Top Back To School Wellness Tips

As we head into a new school year, wellness is a big concern for parents. There are few things in the universe as efficient as a flu bug drifting through a classroom. So this week, I want to share my top wellness tips for keeping your kids healthy at school, and I will set it […]

Shock Your System Into Maximized Longevity With Cold Water Immersion

As hot as it has been this summer, the thought of jumping into an ice cold pool of water sounds refreshing…until you actually do it. Then it’s more of a shock. When we talk about “Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right, Live Right,” cold water immersion fits somewhere between the “Move Right” and “Live Right,” […]

Putting The Power (of Wellness) Back In Your Hands

In order to serve my patients and readers as best I can, I do a lot of research. Tons of reading: medical journals, favorite websites, great books. I always want to stay up to date on the latest research into wellness and longevity, so I can give you the power to achieve great health. I’ve […]

Simple Lifestyle Habits That Protect Your Brain Health

For months now, I have been sounding the alarm about brain health, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. I feel like I am standing at the crest of a hill, watching as legions of people march toward a cliff that is crumbling away, the closer they get. That cliff is chronic disease, chronic pain, dementia, and limited […]

Medical Science Proves It: Small Lifestyle Adjustments Can Save Your Health

I appreciate a lot of the medical research that goes on in this country. I don’t necessarily agree with what they decide to do with that information (namely, producing more chemicals to treat disease), but I am glad they are seeking out answers. Sometimes, what they find is instructive for us to make lifestyle changes. […]

Attitude Is The First Wellness: A Coach’s Perspective

Last week, I started a journey with you back to the Fundamental. (I know, it’s kind of a silly play on words, and I was probably the only one that got it. We normally go back to “the fundamentals,” but the name of my practice is “Fundamental Health Solutions.” I’m a doctor, not a comedian.) […]

New Year’s Fitness Resolution? Here’s A Plan You Can Stick With Long-Term

I hope you’re having a great holiday season. We’re entering the final stretch now, moving from the gift-giving, party-throwing, sugary-food-eating season toward New Year’s Day and the last-year-regretting, new-life-planning, resolution-setting, fitness-desiring, top-of-the-year reset. It’s Resolution Season This is typically a time when people decide they want to make a clean start. They leave behind old […]

Fight Dementia With Your Feet: The Brain-Strengthening Power of Dancing

Last week, I promised to show you a powerful brain exercise that some of my readers are going to love…and some might not. In our discussion of dementia prevention, we’ve talked about eating a brain-healthy diet and exercising your brain with interlobal activities like navigating to an unfamiliar location without a GPS. As it turns […]

The Hub of All Wellness: Maintaining A Healthy Brain

I’ve been thinking a lot about brains lately. A few weeks ago, I posted an article about simple tips for keeping your brain healthy through your adult years. It sparked a lot of interest with people, including the director of an assisted living home in Kansas, who called me later in the week to talk […]

Advanced Longevity: Keys To Fighting Dementia…and Winning

I was at Whole Foods the other day when an elderly couple caught my attention. They were walking slowly in front of me in a crowded aisle, and although I was feeling some time pressure, it seemed rude to suddenly duck around them. So I waited. They inched forward, hunting for a particular brand of […]

Low Back Pain Is Not What You Think It Is

People come to a chiropractor for many reasons, but far and away the most common reason for that first visit is back pain. That makes sense. When you have digestive trouble, infertility, asthma, or even arthritis pain, “chiropractor” is not usually the first word you think of, but when your back hurts, you call the […]

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