Dr Steve’s Top Back To School Wellness Tips

As we head into a new school year, wellness is a big concern for parents. There are few things in the universe as efficient as a flu bug drifting through a classroom. So this week, I want to share my top wellness tips for keeping your kids healthy at school, and I will set it […]

One Small Adjustment To Get You Ready For Swimsuit Season

As we head into another swimsuit season (at least here in Southwest Florida), it’s time to confront all the crazy weight-loss ideas that have been littering the checkout aisles and Facebook news feeds for weeks. I used to be shocked and appalled at the crazy things people do to lose weight, like cabbage-only or starvation. […]

Your Official 2019 Wellness Checkup Checklist

Welcome to 2019! I hope this new year finds you blessed, healthy, optimistic and surrounded by people who love you. I want to get right into today’s topic: my 2019 Wellness Checkup Checklist. Time To Take Stock Of Life New Year’s Day is one of those great opportunities we have during the year to stop […]

Introduction to Ketosis: A Map To Get There

Sometimes, when you’re a chiropractor, you touch a nerve. So it seems that last week’s post about emotional detox impacted some people in the ways I hope all my articles would. As hard as it was to say some of the things I had to say, the comments I got afterward would suggest that it […]

Is The Mediterranean Diet An Effective Weight Loss Tool?

As we gear up for Thursday night’s Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner, with my friend, Julianna Saitta, I want to answer a question I frequently get asked about the Mediterranean Diet. We have a lot of ground to cover today, so if you’re just joining us, it might help to take a few minutes to […]

What The Rest of the World Can Teach Us About Healthy Eating

I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. Some of my most-cherished life memories are set in far-away places. Costa Rica is a personal favorite of mine. There is something about stepping away from the daily routines of life and experiencing something fresh and new that excites me. It’s easy to lose yourself […]

Is Your Heart Ready For The Holidays?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…even here in Southwest Florida, where most of us celebrate Christmas in shorts and t-shirts. I appreciate the effort people make around here to recreate the holiday experience they had when they lived up north — with colored lights and digital icicles and miles of garland and ribbon. […]

The False Facebook Face: How Hiding Your Real Self Can Make You Sick

Several months ago, a patient whom I’ll call “Bruce” came in for a regular adjustment. I’ve known Bruce professionally for a few years. He is gregarious, quick with a joke or a snarky comment, and easy to talk to. His Facebook page is full of pictures of his friends, his kids, and his grandkids. He had […]

How To Win The Food Fight

Over the last several weeks we’ve been fighting the War of Inflammation. If you’re just joining us, the War of Inflammation is an epic fight between your body’s internal defense systems and a whole host of toxic invaders. If it were a movie, it would be an Avengers sequel. Situation Normal For most of us, […]

Duh…Why Didn’t We Think Of This Sooner?

Have you seen this on Facebook recently? It’s from a grocery store in Ohio, but I’d to see the grocery stores in Florida move this direction. Publix? Winn Dixie? Where are you? Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? How are you not leading the way with this? This is exactly the kind of thing we should be expecting from […]

It’s Not An Addiction, It’s Just Lunch

If I were to go downtown and hustle heroine to people that walked past me, someone would eventually call the police and they would lock me up. Rightly so. No argument with that. Why? Heroine is an overwhelmingly addictive neurotoxin that would eventually eat your brain. That’s not news. However, right now, in my town […]

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