Chiropractic 101: Understanding Why Adjustments Matter To Your Wellness

When a chiropractor starts a weekly blog, you naturally expect it to be mostly about chiropractic stuff, don’t you? But here we are, over three years later, and I just realized that I can count on one hand the number of articles I’ve written about what we might call “chiropractic in the strictest sense.” You know…stuff […]

8 Simple Strategies For Protecting Your Joints From Injury

When we think about joint pain and stiffness, we usually think of senior citizens. You probably see them all the time (especially if you live here in Southwest Florida) slowly shuffling down the aisles at the grocery store. I wish I could carry an adjustment table around with me wherever I go, to serve them. […]

So Simple, So Powerful: The Benefits of Walking

This may come as a shock, but not all of my patients love to exercise. I’d go so far as to say that getting some of my patients to exercise reminds me of trying to get my son to eat broccoli when he was little. In those cases, I have a compromise position that I […]

How Sitting Right Can Help You Move Right

Can you think of someone in your life that you would describe as “driven?” You know who they are: they seem to operate in fifth gear all day long, always charging forward from one project to the next, never slowing down. I have several patients like that. They are always on the go, always conquering […]

The Ancient Art of Carrying Loads On Your Head

Recently, my friends at Blue Zones shared this post on Facebook: One of my core themes on this blog is that our best predictor of longevity is to get back to the kinds of activities that kept our ancestors fit – the fundamental movements that our bodies were designed to do. Some of today’s machine-based […]

Improve Your Health By Improving Your Posture With This Simple Exercise

Welcome to the new year! I hope you had a great holiday weekend and you’re setting some big goals for 2016! I’m continuing my “Army Training” exercise series this week. Most people have what I call “schlumped over” posture and it’s hurting their overall health in ways they don’t recognize. When your shoulders are hunched […]

How To Reduce Or Even Prevent Low Back Pain During the Holidays

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and the thoughts we shared on Wednesday and Thursday were helpful to you in making it memorable. After all, it’s all about wholeness – wellness for the whole person. Since 2013, I’ve heard more doctors and researchers making this statement: sitting is the new smoking. Remember the uproar when it […]

Answering Questions About Sitting

Over the last few weeks, our “Move Right Monday” videos have discussed the controversial topic of sitting. I’ll be the first to tell you that, as a culture, we spend too much time sitting, usually with posture that doesn’t promote good health. From the office chair to the car to the sofa, our sitting habits […]

I Think Everyone Is Going To Be Interested In This Week’s Exercise

In the last year, I’ve started to see more public attention given to the health problems associated with sitting, and there is some truth to it. Most of us sit in a chair all day long at work, sit in a car for hours on end running errands, and then sit all night on the […]

Stability and Mobility

Welcome to another great “Move Right Monday!” We’ve had such a great response from these simple exercises – people are adding them to their daily routine and seeing results in the way they feel, their range of motion, and their posture. That’s exciting to hear. Last time, I showed you an exercise that will help […]

How Important Is Your Posture?

I hope you had a great Easter weekend like I did, and you’re up and ready to face a new week with renewed confidence and strength. What are some of the telltale signs of confidence in our lives? A light in the eyes? Firmness in the voice? A bright facial expression? Maybe. I believe there’s […]

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