How To Have Your Best Year Ever

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Your best year? Ever? A whole year that’s good? How does that happen? If you want to get down to the root, the question is really, how can anyone make that happen? Even more specifically, how can I make that happen for me? It seems impossible, but I’m […]

Perspective: The Steering Wheel of Emotional Wellness

It’s funny to me how these weekly “Wellness Wednesday” articles I write tend to weave in and out of my life. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of friendship and community, and since then, I have come to lean on my community of friends more than I have in the past. My father’s […]

The Time My Body Almost Killed Me Could Save Your Life

People who have read our “Wellness Wednesday” series for a long time often ask me, “Dr. Steve, why do you spend so much time on your blog discussing gut health?” Let me tell you a little story. The Fast Track To Disease When I got out of chiropractic school in 1992, I was like a […]

Relationship Strategies of Successful People

People sometimes ask me why I, as a licensed chiropractor, spend one of my three articles each week talking about our thought life, faith, and mindset. Like I’ve said so many times here on the blog, wellness is more than a straight spine and healthy food choices. Wellness is when your whole life is in […]

How To Win An Argument Online

Judging by how many of my patients come in with stress-related physical maladies, I suspect the rest of this year will be very busy in my office. Political seasons bring out the worst in us as a nation and as individuals, especially as polarized as we’ve become. The public debate around the election cycle has […]

Protecting Your Inner Space With Boundaries

They say good fences make good neighbors. That saying used to bother me. If anything, I thought, having fences up kept people at a distance and prevented meaningful friendships. I’m a fairly social guy, and I like being able to interact with people. So, how did it make sense that I could have better relationships […]

How To Handle Correction Without Being Defensive – A Love Story

“Judy” was a fun patient to see, always cheerful and friendly. So, it was obvious when her demeanor began to change. Her boss at work had been transferred out and a new person had stepped in. The new boss was as stern and critical as her old boss was sweet and easy-going, and Judy was […]

Forget Your Resolutions…Easy Steps to Real Change in 2016

My last article of 2015! I can’t believe we’re already here! Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey of discovering “Move Right Monday,” “Wellness Wednesday,” and “Think Right Thursday.” I hope you’ve gotten as much out of this year as I have. But, as much fun as it is to […]

How To Win In (Almost) Every Relationship

If there is one thing that has made my practice different from most others over the years, it has been the holistic approach we take to wellness. Like I’ve said so many times here on the blog, wellness is more than a straight spine and healthy food choices. Wellness is when your whole life is […]

Anger Is Not Just In Your Mind

Have you ever been warned that you shouldn’t get angry? That anger is somehow sinful or prideful? I think all of us have heard things in our lives like that. I don’t want to get into a deep theological discourse on the pros and cons of anger, but it is worth talking about how it […]

What Is Wellness?

For a few months now, Wednesdays have been designated “Wellness Wednesdays” here at Fundamental Health Solutions. We’ve covered a lot of ground here, including spending all of April looking at the benefits of foods we tend to overlooks, starting with dark leafy greens. I’ve been thinking lately about wellness and what it means. In all […]

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