Pursuing Your Passion And Other Dumb Things We Tell Our Kids To Do

“It’s the surest path to a fulfilling life,” they say. “You should live a life that makes you happy,” they say. “Follow your heart and pursue your dreams,” they say. They have good intentions. Really…I’m sure they do. But that doesn’t make it right. Over the last few months, we’ve been spending our “Think Right […]

When You Feel Stuck, Think Different

One of the keys to helping my patients achieve the healthier life they want is to help them change their behaviors. After all, if you want to lose weight AND continue eating junk food every day, you will always be frustrated. So often, the goals we set for ourselves are on the other side of the behaviors we don’t […]

Relationship Strategies of Successful People

People sometimes ask me why I, as a licensed chiropractor, spend one of my three articles each week talking about our thought life, faith, and mindset. Like I’ve said so many times here on the blog, wellness is more than a straight spine and healthy food choices. Wellness is when your whole life is in […]

“Think Right Thursday:” Confronting The Unthinkable

So much grief. So much sadness. So much shock. It’s hard to wrap my head around the devastation in Orlando this week. A promising young singer is murdered at a concert. A terrorist opens fire in a dance club. A little boy is snatched from his parents in the blink of an eye by an […]

Cultivating A Winning Mindset

Over the last thirty years, I’ve had my share of opportunities to coach and be coached. Whether it was coaching a softball team or a professional athlete, or even coaching a retiree toward greater mobility, there is one aspect to coaching that is the same across the board. In every case, the coach needs to […]

The Law That Breaks You (If You Don’t Obey It)

Yesterday on “Wellness Wednesday,” we discussed the importance of sleep for your overall health. One thought that kept bothering me the whole time I was writing it was the idea that a lot of driven people like me seem to have: “I’ve gotta keep my nose to the grindstone at all costs. I can sleep […]

One Important Way Successful People Think Differently

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the ways that successful people think differently from the rest of us. There really is such a thing as success thinking, and it goes way beyond positive affirmations and catchy slogans. Success is a mindset and it is rare. (I suppose if everyone thought that way, everyone would […]

Turns Out, You CAN Change The World

Have you seen this video? I shared a snippet of it the other day on my personal Facebook page, but I wanted to give you the full experience as a part of this week’s “Think Right Thursday.” My mind was officially blown after I watched it, and I don’t say that lightly. This video records […]

How To Win An Argument Online

Judging by how many of my patients come in with stress-related physical maladies, I suspect the rest of this year will be very busy in my office. Political seasons bring out the worst in us as a nation and as individuals, especially as polarized as we’ve become. The public debate around the election cycle has […]

Think Right Thursday And The Most Critical Relationship In Life

I’m a very blessed man, there’s no doubt about it. Aside from the obvious benefits of living and working in America, I enjoy a privilege that even many Americans don’t have: I have a good relationship with my mom. Not everyone has that. This Sunday being Mother’s Day, I wanted to use this “Think Right […]

Life…In The Valley

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” Psalm 23:4 Why? Of all the verses in the Bible, why has this one held my attention? I find that when I’m reading the Bible (which I try to do consistently), a word or […]

“I Don’t Have…”

I’ll call him Larry. I met Larry at a business networking mixer a few years ago. When he found out I was a wellness coach and chiropractor, he had all kinds of health-related questions for me. That’s not unusual. People are stressed out about health and they want someone to help them make sense of […]

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