Five Simple Strategies for Getting Free From Stress

So, last week’s “Wellness Wednesday” was about managing stress, and the May Fundamental Foods Dinner was going to be about managing stress, but now I find myself in the position of having to cancel this month’s dinner, mostly due to the stress of family health issues. Funny, right? A New Way Of Thinking In the […]

How Purpose Promotes Wellness

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series where we have been looking at wellness from a number of different perspectives. If you’re just joining us, I encourage you to read the whole series. I think it will expand your understanding of wellness. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a 5-level pyramid concept of wellness […]

The Wellness Iceberg: More Than Meets The Eye

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at the multi-faceted nature of health and wellness. Humans are complex beings, and healthcare providers who only view patient care through one lens do their patients a serious disservice. All the parts of our life – spirit, soul, and body – are interwoven, and we need to […]

The Law That Breaks You (If You Don’t Obey It)

Yesterday on “Wellness Wednesday,” we discussed the importance of sleep for your overall health. One thought that kept bothering me the whole time I was writing it was the idea that a lot of driven people like me seem to have: “I’ve gotta keep my nose to the grindstone at all costs. I can sleep […]

“I Don’t Have…”

I’ll call him Larry. I met Larry at a business networking mixer a few years ago. When he found out I was a wellness coach and chiropractor, he had all kinds of health-related questions for me. That’s not unusual. People are stressed out about health and they want someone to help them make sense of […]

What Do You REALLY Love?

We’re off to a great start to 2016. If you’re just joining us, we’ve spent the last two weeks of “Think Right Thursday” on a series about being an emotionally healthy person. Even though I’m a physical doctor, I know that what happens in our minds has just as much impact on our bodies as the foods we […]

Thinking About What’s Important

Last weekend, a good friend of mine moved out of state with his family, so I came out to help them load the truck. There is something about the process of moving that affects us on so many levels, I could write a whole series of “Think Right Thursdays” just about the many emotional facets […]

Put Some “Why” In Your “What”

I saw this fantastic video the other day that I really wanted to share here, because it really gets to the heart of what we’re doing here on “Think Right Thursday.” It’s funny, I started writing a blog so I could share with some of the powerful things I’ve learned in my life. But in […]

How To Win In (Almost) Every Relationship

If there is one thing that has made my practice different from most others over the years, it has been the holistic approach we take to wellness. Like I’ve said so many times here on the blog, wellness is more than a straight spine and healthy food choices. Wellness is when your whole life is […]

What’s Guiding You Forward?

It seems like the most obvious question a doctor could ask. You might even think it should be the opening to every single visit with every single patient. Or maybe it belongs at the end of the visit, after the adjustment. Do you know which question I’m talking about? It’s this one: “How are you […]

Why This Way?

This week’s “Think Right Thursday” is going to be written by…you. Crazy, right? I want us to do a little soul searching this week. I know that sounds trite – that phrase has lost most of its meaning – but I’m serious. How you think is just as important to your physical health as how […]

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