Eat Your Way To Brain Health

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at ways to keep your brain healthy, especially as we move into our 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. For me personally, now that I’ve crossed into my 50s, nourishing my brain has become as much a […]

Simple Tips For Managing Headaches

I hope you’ve been drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of water-rich foods since last week’s “Wellness Wednesday.” If you missed it, we talked about delicious summer-friendly foods that can help you keep hydrated during the blast-furnace months of a Florida summer. That got me thinking. I made a list of the symptoms of […]

Beat The Heat: Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

As we head into the hottest part of summer here in Southwest Florida, I’ve been thinking a lot about staying hydrated. I’m not talking about the 15-minute hydration that happens every afternoon around 4:00 if you happen to be standing outside. I mean the act of intentionally putting water into your body, usually through the […]

Prepared In Advance: Getting Your Wellness Ready For Hurricane Season

’Tis the season! Hurricane season. For us living here in South Florida, hurricane season is upon us again. While we normally go well into July before we see any serious tropical action, this year we’ve already had a couple “areas of interest” develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Will this year’s hurricane season be as […]

Get Your Skin Ready For Summer Tanning Season

One of the great benefits of living here in Southwest Florida is that the weather is usually conducive to outdoor activities, which is an important part of maintaining optimum health. Yes, it gets oppressively hot here from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving (and sometimes beyond that). Yes, we have daily storms that resemble living inside a […]

Healthy Holidays: Simple Tips For Wellness

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, because we are in the thick of it now. If not, relax. It will only be a few more weeks. Last Thursday, my friend, Kathy Feinstein did an amazing job teaching us about the health implications of isolation and loneliness at our Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner. […]

Aging Gracefully: Keys To Getting Old Well

Having lived almost my whole life in Naples, I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that most of my neighbors and patients are senior citizens. I can’t argue the fact that this is a great place to retire…and it seems like half of the country knows it! As a result, my practice has a higher percentage […]

C Is For…Almost Everything

One of the biggest frustrations I have is seeing how the medical/pharmaceutical industry manipulates healthcare in this country. I’m always encouraged when I see other nations take a stand for the truth – like many European nations have in the case of genetically-modified foods – but it just digs the knife in a little deeper […]

Fight The Flu And Win

Do you remember the swine flu? The bird flu? SARS? Ebola? H1N3? Remember the panic the news media created around each “outbreak,” even though there were fewer than a dozen cases of each in the US? Most “epidemics” are overstated to create a sense of fear and drive vaccine sales. Every year, the CDC announces […]

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