Live Right: Taking Back Control of Your Whole Life

Ultimately, “living right” comes down to taking an active role in managing your whole wellness, which has been the theme of my last few articles. If I have one core purpose as a healthcare professional, it’s to give you the keys to your own wellness and the knowledge to maintain it yourself for a lifetime.

Dr Steve’s Top Back To School Wellness Tips

As we head into a new school year, wellness is a big concern for parents. There are few things in the universe as efficient as a flu bug drifting through a classroom. So this week, I want to share my top wellness tips for keeping your kids healthy at school, and I will set it […]

A Simple Plan To Beat Brain Fog

Now that we are past the holidays, I want to get back to our discussion about brain health. I was reminded recently of a patient I treated years ago who complained of brain fog. Let’s call her Connie. Connie, Interrupted Connie was in her 50s when she first came in. She was elegant, well-educated, and […]

Your Holiday Weight Loss Strategy

If there are two things that always seem to go along with holidays, they are: Weight gain Ads for miracle weight loss plans If you’ve been in the checkout line at your favorite grocery store lately, you’ve probably seen the ads. First, they shame you for your body shape, then they hold the carrot of […]

Healthy Brain How-To: Know The Risk Factors of Dementia

 Protecting your brain sounds like something football players would be concerned with. Every few years, the NFL makes updates to the design of their helmets, based on the latest research, to reduce the risk of concussion or brain injury. It’s a good idea, but it doesn’t help the rest of us much. I don’t suggest […]

Simple Tips For Managing Headaches

I hope you’ve been drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of water-rich foods since last week’s “Wellness Wednesday.” If you missed it, we talked about delicious summer-friendly foods that can help you keep hydrated during the blast-furnace months of a Florida summer. That got me thinking. I made a list of the symptoms of […]

Beat The Heat: Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

As we head into the hottest part of summer here in Southwest Florida, I’ve been thinking a lot about staying hydrated. I’m not talking about the 15-minute hydration that happens every afternoon around 4:00 if you happen to be standing outside. I mean the act of intentionally putting water into your body, usually through the […]

Prepared In Advance: Getting Your Wellness Ready For Hurricane Season

’Tis the season! Hurricane season. For us living here in South Florida, hurricane season is upon us again. While we normally go well into July before we see any serious tropical action, this year we’ve already had a couple “areas of interest” develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Will this year’s hurricane season be as […]

Get Your Skin Ready For Summer Tanning Season

One of the great benefits of living here in Southwest Florida is that the weather is usually conducive to outdoor activities, which is an important part of maintaining optimum health. Yes, it gets oppressively hot here from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving (and sometimes beyond that). Yes, we have daily storms that resemble living inside a […]

What Makes The Mediterranean Diet So Powerful

Last week, I presented a challenge for you to think about: are you feeding your body in a way that promotes health and wellness, or disease? Specifically, I challenged the way we eat here in America. No matter what age you are today, it’s crucial to understand that the choices you make with your body […]

Healthy Holidays: Simple Tips For Wellness

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, because we are in the thick of it now. If not, relax. It will only be a few more weeks. Last Thursday, my friend, Kathy Feinstein did an amazing job teaching us about the health implications of isolation and loneliness at our Fundamental Foods and Friends Dinner. […]

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease…Naturally

It’s been a wild week since my last “Wellness Wednesday.” Just when I thought my summer couldn’t get any crazier, along comes Irma. If you’re here in Naples with me, I pray that this article finds you safe and well (and maybe even air conditioned). Hurricane prep is just part and parcel of living in […]

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