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The Most Surprising “Move Right Monday” Activity of All

Are you ready for a shock?

Are you ready for a new twist to your “Move Right Monday” exercise routine?

Have I got a surprise for you!

By the way, I hope you’ve enjoyed these “Move Right Mondays” as much as I have. I also hope you’ve been incorporating the exercises from the videos into your daily routine. If you haven’t, that’s okay. If you start today, you’ll get all the same benefits as the people who have been doing them since the beginning – they are just that far ahead of you. Come on along with us and feel better.

Anyway, back to the shock.

I’ve always believed in giving my patients the best health advice I can, even if it means recommending things they are unsure about.

Like kale…kale’s a great example. Many of my patients turn up their nose at it until they start seeing the amazing difference it makes in their health. It’s one of those things some of you just have to trust me on.

This is another one of those things.

  • Imagine an exercise that stimulates your lymphatic system, helping it to operate more efficiently (your lymph nodes are like sewer lines, flushing waste materials from your organs and blood stream).
  • What if that same exercise triggered your immune system into action, fighting infectious cells at a higher rate?
  • What if that same exercise could stimulate your heart to pump blood more efficiently, and cause your blood vessels to constrict and release more efficiently, improving circulation to your whole body?
  • What if that same exercise could help your muscles recover from a workout like a professional athlete, so you’re not sore for days afterward? (In fact, every professional athlete I know has made this a key part of their training).
  • What if that same exercise could stimulate the flow of mood-boosting neurotransmitters, like dopamine throughout your body in a flash?
  • What if that same exercise could actually boost your metabolism, helping you burn fat more quickly, especially the fat that likes to settle around your midsection?

Are you ready for an exercise that produces these kinds of results consistently?

Are you sure?

Remember, you said you would trust me…even after the kale incident. You ended up loving kale. Remember that.

It’s time for a new “Move Right Monday” exercise that you can do everyday, that might change everything for you.


Go take a swim in a cold pool.

You gotta trust me on this one. 57 degrees.

I know some of you just curled up in a ball thinking about it.

Read this fantastic piece by Tony Robbins for a look at the research behind it.

I’ve known about this for years, and I’ve used it with several of my patients, especially high-performance athletes with whom I’ve done physical therapy training. Plus, I’m always fascinated by the number of high-level executives I come across who have discovered the secret of cold-water immersion. They all tell me it’s an important part of their morning routine – it’s the kick-start that helps them perform at a higher level than their peers.

It’s powerful, but I can’t tell just anyone about it. They would think I was crazy. Some people just aren’y ready for this kind of serious workout. I hear you scoffing, but it’s true. Read the article for yourself and see the amazing benefits of taking an early-morning dip in a cold pool.

Don’t have access to a pool? Take a cold shower. Give your body that cold-water edge first thing in the morning. It’s not the end-all cure-all for everything that ails you, but it’s a powerful supplement to what you normally do, stimulating your body to positive action in several different ways at once.

Tony himself says it this way: “Conditioning your brain and your body to accept, endure and embrace cold water immersion may be challenging, but the health benefits in both the short- and long-run are well worth it. You will be able to activate your body’s natural healing powers to properly support your physiological and mental state of being, and perhaps begin to simply feel healthier and happier.”

Take a couple of minutes and let Tony show you five fast health benefits he is enjoying because he does it every day, and you can, too.

And as always, remember what Eric Thomas says: “At the end of your feelings is NOTHING. At the end of your principles is a PROMISE.” This is one Move Right Monday where that is especially true.

So, are you going to come along with me on this? Be sure to tell someone on Facebook. The accountability might just help you.

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