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Think Right


Today’s health care treatments are primarily reactive. They treat the problem, rather than the cause. In reality, most health care problems are more related to our psychology and social environment versus our genealogy. We all have a psychological health and wellness “blueprint” ingrained in our subconscious, which stems from our conditioning and habits. Unfortunately, in most cases, our current blueprints will stay with us for the remainder of our lives, unless we are aware of and make necessary changes to them.

There is no question that the psychological component of our health is the hardest to change. Most people have a psychological block of one type or another, and those blocks often prevent people from experiencing ideal health and living well. Fatigue, aches and pains, excess weight, depression and anxiety, among other causes of reduced wellbeing, are not inherent factors of aging. They are the signs of chronic diseases that are common in our society, even among our children.

Understanding the root causes of diseases is simpler than applying changes to our lifestyles. At Fundamental Health Solutions, we teach patients of all ages and health how to get and stay healthy. One secret that few people know is growing ourselves into successful people is the fastest way to get healthy and stay fit. Our environments are merely reflections of our inner thoughts, and our actions and choices determine our level of health.

Kaizen, one of our core values, is a Japanese word that expresses a philosophy of constant, steady improvement. Kaizen is a philosophy that every successful person embraces,whether knowingly or unknowingly. Successful people intuitively understand that they cannot receive worthwhile things in life without hard work, cost and sacrifice.